Your Premier Gaming Partner in Australia

We’re more than just a licensed gaming machine supplier; we are a trusted operational advisor and a leading Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) systems company. Our commitment to excellence has made us a force in the gaming industry, supporting hospitality venues across Australia.

A Journey of Exponential Growth

Our journey began in 2009, where Progressive Venue Services (PVS) was founded as a dedicated gaming management business. Over the years through consistent growth, we have evolved into a full-service advisory and gaming infrastructure company. We now proudly operate in multiple Australian states, including Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania.

We have been able to achieve this growth through our strategic partnership with a leading US systems company which has allowed us to offer an end-to-end international gaming solution that’s tailored specifically for hospitality venues. This partnership extends our reach and expertise, ensuring our customers have access to the latest gaming innovations and unparalleled support, no matter where their business is located.

Along our journey we have learnt that the success of a hospitality business depends on a holistic approach to gaming operations being a component of a larger multifaceted operation. That’s why we go beyond just supplying gaming machines; we provide invaluable insights, operational guidance, and EGM systems that can integrate through the entire venue to enhance gaming offerings and boost a venue’s bottom line.

In 2023, our company has grown exponentially with the acquisition and merger of a major Australian gaming solutions company. Equipped with a myriad of resources, our diverse group of people are all excited to further grow, not just our company, but the industry as a whole. We have always and will continue to partner with venues under the mantra “Your success is our mission, and we’re here to make it happen”.

Our Values

We are committed to fostering a culture built on a strong foundation of integrity, exceptional service, and unwavering innovation. The following core values guide our actions and decisions every day, defining who we are and how we interact with our customers, business partners, and each other.


We are a people-first company. Our people are our greatest asset. We place value on fostering and nurturing professional relationships with our customers, business partners and each other. These connections to the industry, through the relationships that we build, elevate the value that we deliver and gives us our competitive advantage.


Our connections stem from our integrity which is built on trust, honesty, and transparency. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. From our internal practices to the products and services we offer, we ensure fairness and equity in all aspects of our business.


Taking responsibility for our actions, owning our mistakes, and celebrating our wins, helps us maintain our integrity. Holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, we recognize that trust is earned through our consistent commitment to doing what is right.


Accountability fuels our need for innovation, as we continuously review and optimise all aspects of our operations. In a rapidly evolving industry, we remain flexible and adaptable, open to and proactively seeking new technologies and strategies stay ahead of the curve.


Gaining efficiencies from our innovations gives us space to imagine and create. Therefore, creativity is encouraged, both in problem-solving and in the development of new ideas. Our creativity is driven by diverse perspectives and a culture that values out-of-the-box thinking.


The challenges that we overcome through our creativity makes work fun and give us all a sense of achievement. This industry should be fun and enjoyable to all. By fostering a fun, collaborative and inclusive environment, we empower each other to reach our full potential.


We aspire to grow personally, professionally and as a collective group of people. As our company grows, so too does our capacity to provide incredible value to the industry. Continual growth helps build on our connections with integrity and accountability, and scale innovations through creativity and fun.

By upholding these values, we ensure that we remain a trusted and dynamic leader in the gaming industry. We are dedicated to providing outstanding experiences for our business partners and customers, and a fulfilling workplace for us all.

Application of Industry Knowledge

With over 100 years of experience in the gaming industry accumulated within our staff and leadership team, we can offer expert guidance to venue operators via gaming equipment supply and advice agreements whilst also delivering superior gaming systems. Our commitment remains steadfast in further developing this model, products, and services, with the aim of enhancing value for our customers.

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