Venue Marketing

Delight your patrons & increase member engagement


We can help deliver strategically designed promotional campaigns and assist with any marketing requirements.

A Marketing Agency for Pubs & Clubs

Onyx Gaming’s experience in the gaming and hospitality industry gives our marketing team an edge when it comes to venue marketing. Our sole focus is working with pubs and clubs, giving our client base undivided attention when it comes to marketing and strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Our extensive knowledge in venue marketing activities help us plan and strategise the most effective promotional campaigns.

Graphic Design

Our team’s extensive experience in the gaming industry allows us to be at the forefront of design trends for pubs and clubs.

ROI Analysis

We can track and measure the effectiveness of our loyalty driven marketing promotions and provide key insights on return on investment.

Monthly Members Promotions

12 Months of strategically planned calendar themed promotions

Eye-catching design and themed campaign artwork

Relevant themes based on calendar and seasonal events throughout the year, including Lunar New Year, Easter and Christmas.

Wide range of digital artwork files available

Including digital LCD/TV screen and social media images. Printing options available.

Strategically selected prizes that create excitement

A mix of product prizes are chosen based on current trends and consumer behaviour, as well as cash and vouchers.

Customisable details for your specific venue

Choose the draw dates and times that suit your venue. Option to change how you run your promotion.

Network Wide Promotions

Prepackaged campaigns with printed collateral run across the country

User-focused design and targeted campaign artwork

Impactful marketing collateral that visually engages patrons and encourages membership participation.

Full suite of digital artwork files provided

Set of downloadable images for various applications including email, digital LCD/TV screen, and social media.

Broad range of prizes that build anticipation

Two sets of strategically chosen prize packs to choose from. Draws are designed to engage patrons daily.

Printed collateral and freight included

Everything needed to run the promotion is sourced, produced and delivered.

Promotional Campaigns Designed for Venue Patrons

All campaigns are specifically designed to attract the attention of patrons and create excitement throughout the venue. Our extensive portfolio of creative campaign artwork can help boost membership uptake and activity.

Lunar New Year
Easter Hampers
Mother's Day
Finals Fever
Scratch n Win
Stacks of Cash
Step into 2024
Music to my ears
Autumn Giveaway
Winter Comfort
Mix it up KitchenAid

Direct Marketing Communications

Amplify your message! Reach out to patrons regularly to strengthen their sense of community, and reward loyalty with valuable and exciting offers!


SMS marketing is key to customer engagement. Concise communication can reward opted-in members encouraging higher visitation and loyalty.


Active members are keen to find value in their memberships. Keep patrons regularly updated with upcoming events and notify members of valuable offers.


Venues active on relevant social channels create more opportunities for connection. Continue the conversation with patrons online through Social Media.

Create lasting experiences

Onyx can help your business grow through membership engagement and loyalty. Our strategic promotions and campaigns will encourage your patrons to see your place as their venue-of-choice!

Contact us to see how we can help with your Marketing.