Business Analytics

Real-time relevant gaming data


Grow your top line with informed decisions and thorough extensive analytics!



Understand your gaming floor!

Dash Analytics provides you with insights into how your venue is performing in Revenue and Turnover Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. It also provides individual EGM ranking reports and Gaming Manufacturer reports. All reports are downloadable and available on your mobile device.

Performance Statistics

Analyse the results and performance of your gaming floor within a daily, weekly and monthly view.

Finance Reports

Compare turnover, revenue, hold, NMR and average betting, as well as your venue’s LGA variance and market share.

Game Ranking

Instantly see the NMR and daily turnover of your games, as well as your jackpots pool details and contributions.

Loyalty Reports

If you have Trac Loyalty or a compatible loyalty program, Dash Analytics can provide reports and analytics of your loyalty members. This includes data for signups, demographics and turnover results for top ranking patrons.

Make informed business decisions

With Dash Analytics you can measure the success of your games and the activity of your patrons. Consistently update the design of your gaming room floor using data to maximise your venue’s potential!

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